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The 30 folding chair desks installed were used for the performance WALK WITH ME #3. For this performance 30 writers from Phoenix Military Academy sat at the desk and carved their poetry into the surface while viewers walked around and between viewing over their shoulders. When compelled, a writer would ask the viewer to go for a walk. In this way, the traditional system of power was broke, as the seated youth was now asking the adult to leave the room. This loss of power and unexpected invitation, enabled the viewer to open, to become vulnerable and sensitive as they were unsure of what would happen next. 

On the walk, the poet would perform a spoken word piece, face to face with the viewer. The viewer then became inside the work, often others gathered to watch the exchange. 

When the poet finished the piece, the viewer was left to process the exchange and the poet would return to their desk to continue carving and invite another viewer on a walk.

The writing was generated out of several class visits 3 times a week over a month and a half. During these visits, i was able to discuss and workshop with youth about their experiences in Chicago. The pieces that emerged spoke to issues of identity, race, class, love, future, and opportunity. 

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