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JUST YELL PA Speaker, 2013 Plexi, metal 10 x 11 x 4”


Projected from the JUST YELL SPEAKER, are recorded yells from William Taft Academic Center remixed by DJ Raj Mahal. These yells now enter into the realm of song lyrics. Many of the youth attributed the gun violence to hip hop lyrics. With Chicago’s own rap star Chief Keif and the new lyrics on Lil Wayne’s album it is very easy to see the connection.

By positioning these yells inside these beats as samples, rising above the surface at moments and sinking into the songs as others, ask viewers to consider how much they are paying attention to lyrics today? So often, though the lyrics are degrading, people will accept the negativity in exchange for a good beat. This work asks the viewer to question that current exchange, to question what is being heard, where is attention placed or not placed, and how is so much able to be left unseen, unheard, and not dealt with.

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