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One of Many, One, 2014 in collaboration with Youth from Phoenix Military Academy Recorded by: Bill Bilowit 2 hr 54min Hd Video ONE OF MANY, ONE is a durational video performance of 25 Chicago Teens from Phoenix Military. Academy poetically illustrating the accumulation of youth lost to gun violence.  Each performer provided a self portrait that was air brushed onto “In Loving Memory - RIP” t-shirts.


TOO YOUNG TO DIE, 2014 Fresh white carnations, red roses, foam letters 60 x 60 x 4 inches


DON'T TIP THE SCALE, 2014 High Polished Clear Coated Brass 107 x 5 x 60 inches


BETWEEN THE LINES: STREETPOETS INC 2014 LA Young Poets of Streetpoets Inc. perform Between the Lines at the opening reception carving their poetry on the desk top and popping up to speak their words of power and truth.


SILENCE THE SILENCE PROTEST BOOK 2014 Special edition hand bound book, white leather, perforated cardstock paper, digital print, vintage brass prayer book stand, DIMS: 11.25 x 17.25 x 2.5” Printed on cardstock paper that is perforated at the margin. Book can be performed, handing out each page which then becomes protest posters. Chapter ONE, titled WHERE IS, contains names of Chicago youth killed by gun violence between 2013-2014.


Chapter Two, titled Hear Here, contains protest statements written by Chicago youth responding to the issue of gun violence and systems of power as it affects them today. Both chapters are printed on cardstock paper that is perforated at the margin. This perforation suggests the potential and available removal of these questions, statements, and stories to leave the book format and be made visible.


BLACK / WHITE BROACH, 2014 Faux gold chain hand sewn to industrial felt, foam / wood panel, aluminum, gold auto body paint 216 x 2.5 x 48 inches

Picture 52

CHAIN REACTION, 2014 Mark Moore Gallery, LA

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