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Installation Views Rockford Art Museum


I'VE BEEN HEARD, Varsity Jackets. Text by NYC youth, 2017

LONG REACH, 2018 Nylon, steel rings, boxing wraps, metal rod

HEAVY WEIGHT, 2017 Vintage boxing heavy bag and 24kt gold.

SOUNDBOARD FOR A DISAGREEMENT, #4-6, 2019 Velcro, neoprene, gold pin, red bead on wood panel

THE NIGHT WAS FILLED WITH THE HUMAN FEAR OF DROWNING, 2016 inkjet print in 23kt gold frame

WHEN I GET OUT, 2017 Voice of incarcerated youth in Washington DC. Floor mat average size of prison cell 6 x 8ft

WE LEAVE OFF THE ENDINGS, 2016 Inkjet print 18 x 24 inches

FIGHT NIGHT with Patriots Boxers and Empower Poets of Rockford including 340 new museum guests

Empower Poets Performing in the Ring

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